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Property details Humboldt Street | Driggs Ave, Greenpoint

Allowed usable floor area:4,750 | Usable floor area as built:2,232 | Unused FAR: 2,518 | Zoning: R6B, C2-4 __________________________________________________________________________ 2 family with a store or office for sale in Greenpoint Price - $2.2M
Location:Humboldt Street | Driggs Ave
City, State:Greenpoint
Size:3000 sq ft
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Landlord Joke A group of tourists were being guided through an ancient castle in Europe.
"This place," the guide told them, "is 600 years old. Not a stone in it has been touched, nothing altered, nothing replaced in all those years."
"Well," said one of the tourists, "they must have the same landlord I have."
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