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Apartment Rental Details Live/Work Duplex Space with Use of Yard
Metropolitan Ave | Forest Ave, Ridgewood, NY

Live/Work Duplex Space With Outdoors! Perfect space to work from home and have a good work-life balance! Duplex features lots of space, new kitchen and bath, hardwood floors and comes with access to the backyard area. Small Pet Per Owner Approval. Heat and hot water included. Optional parking for rent.
Location:Metropolitan Ave | Forest Ave
City, State:Ridgewood, NY
Size:800 sq ft
Status: Available
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Apartment hunting 101 So you’ve found the perfect place. You’ve checked everything out and the place is sound, there’s enough hot water, it’s in a great location and you know this is it. Now you’ve got to secure the apartment! The following outlines some steps to take to make sure that the perfect place that you’ve found ends up being YOUR perfect place.

1) Be ready to put some money down and the paper work can get started.
Most companies will stop showing this apartment until the rental gets finalized.

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