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Location:Kent Str | Manhattan Ave
Size:800 sq ft
Rooms:Nice Railroad style Apartment on Kent Street
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Location:Monitor Street | Driggs Ave
Size:850 sq ft
Rooms:Large Apartment (5 Rooms)
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Location:North Henry Street | Engert Ave
Size:800 sq ft
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Location:Freeman Str| McGuinness Blvd.
Size:800 sq ft
Rooms:Spacious 1 Bedroom Railroad style Apartment near Pulaski Bridge
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Location:Eckford Str | Calyer Str
Size:750 sq ft
Rooms:Spacious Railroad style Apartment on Eckford Street
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Location:North Henry Str | Engert Ave
Size:650 sq ft
Rooms:Sunny One Bedroom
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Location:North Henry Street | Meeker Ave
Size:500 sq ft
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Apartment hunting 101 It is imperative to walk through your potential new apartment before you move in. Don’t rush through your inspection of your potential new apartment. Be thorough and take your time. After all, it will be your home for at least the next year, make sure you choose a place that you know you’ll be happy with. If there are many things wrong with the apartment, you might just want to pass.

Look for:
1) Sufficient safety features should be in place.
2) Check out faucets, toilets and the pipes under kitchen cabinets for potential leaks in plumbing.
3) Check the water pressure in the unit. Also check the water temperature. 4)Run your hand along the outside of the window to check for drafts.
5) Look up at the ceiling for any water damage. This may indicate either a leak from outside or very careless upstairs neighbors.
6) Locks should be sturdy and not wobbly.
7) Turn off and on all lighting inside the apartment to check for electrical shortages.

Good Luck!