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Never Go On The Apartment Hunting Journey Alone ! Take FlatFinders Agent with You !

Never Go On The Apartment Hunting Journey Alone !  Take FlatFinders Agent with You !

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List and Sell Your Property with us !

List and Sell Your Property with us !

Selling your home on your own can be a difficult task.  By working with Our Agents who have years of experience selling and purchasing all types of properties in the New York area you will stay clear of all errors involved in real-estate transactions.

Our agents are always happy to consult and assist you with selling your property. We will be by your side through the entire process from day one.  We will leverage our entire clientele base to find qualified buyers and assist you with any issues that will arise to ensure that your sale is executed in a timely fashion.

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We know Greenpoint & Williamsburg rental market inside out and can focus on finding you quality tenants quickly.  We target our advertising campaigns for individual properties. We extensively advertise on the web and have a strong network of contacts who know our listings

Business Minded: We understand that income from your property is important and we will work hard to limit any vacancy periods. If your apartment is vacant, you can be assured that we’re working extra hard to get it rented! In addition we can advise on all aspects of the transaction including compliance and market rents.


DHCR Annual Rent Registration

DHCR Annual Rent Registration


What does a credit report tell me?

What does a credit report tell me?

          Credit Report is one of the most imortant components of your tenant screening process.  

  • Credit report assists in establishing the identity of your Prospective Tenant by comparing their personal information to that entered on the rental application.
  • In most instances credit report will lists current and previous addresses and current and previous employer(s).
  • Credit report will list collections, liens, bankruptcies and legal items.
  • Credit report will lists all credit accounts and pay patterns associated to them. For example, are they current or delinquent?
  • Credit report will also validate the SSN/SIN. The SSN/SIN will generally pull a credit history even if the name has been misspelled, or a wrong date of birth given.


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Railroad Apartment - What is it? A railroad apartment is an apartment with a series of rooms connecting to each other in a line. A hallway typically runs the length of the apartment or flat from the front door to the back door, within each room.
Railroad apartments first made an appearance in New York City in the mid-19th century, and were designed to provide a solution to urban overcrowding. Many early railroad apartments were extremely narrow and buildings were five or six stories high. Few early buildings had internal sanitation, and bathrooms emptied raw sewage into the back yard. In some cases, one family would take up residence in each room, with the hallway providing communal space.
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