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Greenpoint Williamsburg Further on the L Queens

Apartment Rental Details Great Apartment near McCarren Park!
Manhattan Ave | Norman Ave, Greenpoint

Large 3 bedroom apartment available in aprime section of Greenpoint. Apartment features 3 large bedrooms, large living room, nice kitchen and bath, washer and dryer also available onsite. Call Flatfinders.
Location:Manhattan Ave | Norman Ave
City, State:Greenpoint
Size:850 sq ft
Status: Available
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Apartment hunting 101 Be prepared to pay for a security deposit (usually equal to the first month’s rent) as well as the full first month’s rent. If you’re moving in the middle of the month, you may also be responsible for the percentage of rent for the remainder of the month. Some apartment managers also require the payment up front of the last month’s rent in addition to the first and the security deposit. Check the terms of the lease as these details should be outlined therein.
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