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Apartment Rental Details Apartment with lots of Extra Space - Home Office
Eckford Street | Calyer Street, Greenpoint, NY

Large 1 Bedroom Available in a story house on Calyer Street. Apartment is renovated, comes with brand new oak wood floors, new plumbing and carpentry, windows and more. Apartment features new spacious kitchen and bathroom witha tub. This is a great apartment, heat and hot water included! Call FlatFinders
Location:Eckford Street | Calyer Street
City, State:Greenpoint, NY
Size:850 sq ft
Rooms:Spacious Apartment with Home Office
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Apartment Utility Breakdown: What Apartment Life Costs Beyond the Rent If you’re on the hunt for a new apartment, then you probably have an idea of what you’d be willing to spend on rent each month. However, there’s more to your monthly apartment costs than what you write on your rent check. Utilities, both necessary and unnecessary, have a way of ganging up on you until you find that your monthly expenses are significantly higher than you had originally anticipated. Here’s the breakdown on the general cost of each utility you might want to include while planning your budget.
1. Electricity - $40-$100
2. Heat and Hot Water - expect to pay above a $100 a month
3. Cooking gas - $20 and up
4. Internet - from $30 - $100 (depending on type of internet service)
5. Cable - $50 and up.
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